Chung-Hsun  Huang
Job Title Professor
Name Chung-Hsun Huang
Office Tel No. 05-2720411#33230
Research Expertise High Performance Digital VLSI Design、Low Power /Low-voltage Digital System and IC Design
Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year
Half-clock frequency scheme for counter-based digital pulse-width modulator International Journal of Electronics Letters Yi-Ming Wang, Chao-Chun Chen, Yuan-Yu Shen & Chung-Hsun Huang 2015
Design of a Low-Voltage Low-Dropout Regulator IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Chung-Hsun Huang, Ying-Ting Ma, and Wei-Chen Liao 2014
A low-voltage high PSR LDO regulator with a simple ripple cancellation technique IEICE Electronics Express Chung-Hsun Huang, Wei-Chen Liao, and Chih-Ming Liao 2014
A compact programmable LDO regulator for ultra-low voltage SoC IEICE Electronics Express Chung-Hsun Huang, and Wei-Chen Liao 2014
Adaptive Pseudo Dual Keeper for Wide Fan-In Dynamic Circuits IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs Chung-Hsun Huang, Tzung-Lin Wu, Yi-Ming Wang 2011
Low power and cost effective scaling engine with locking frame rate for display controllers IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Chung-Hsun Huang, Chao-Yang Chang 2011
A fast and high efficiency buck converter with Switch-On-Demand Modulator for wide load range applications IEICE Electronics Express Chung-Hsun Huang, Chao-Chun Chen 2011
Year Conference Name Paper Title Authors
2016 GCCE A low-complexity edge-preserved image compression algorithm for LCD overdrive C. Y. Chang, C. H. Huang, H. F. Chen, C. Yeh, Y. S. Chu, and T. J. Lin
Year Project Title Participator Unit
2017 模組化感測元件測試及展示平台參考應用設計委託開發案 財團法人國家實驗研究國家晶片系統設計中心