Yuan-Sun  Chu
Name Yuan-Sun Chu
Email chu@ee.ccu.edu.tw
Office Tel No. 05-2720411#33212
Personal Website http://www.ee.ccu.edu.tw/people/bio.php?PID=868
Research Expertise Computer architecture, Network processor design, Network security IC design, Communication IC design
Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year
Block-Wise QR-Decomposition for the Layered and Hybrid Alamouti STBC MIMO Systems: Algorithms and Hardware Architectures IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING Tsung-Hsien Liu, Chun-Ning Chiu, Pei-Yu Liu, and Yuan-Sun Chu 2014
Athena: Capacity Enhancement of Reversible Data Hiding with Consideration of the Adaptive Embedding Level Journal of Visual Languages and Computing Ya-Chi Hsu, Bo-Chao Cheng, Huan Chen and Yuan-Sun Chu 2014
A High-throughput and High-capacity IPv6 Routing Lookup System Computer Networks Yi-Mao Hsiao, Yuan-Sun Chu, Jeng-Farn Lee and Jinn-Shyan Wang 2013
High-Throughput Intrusion Detection System with Parallel Pattern Matching IEICE Electronics Express (ELEX) Yi-Mao Hsiao, Ming-Jen Chen, Yuan-Sun Chu and Chung-Hsum Huang 2012
Designing and Implementing a Scalable Video-Streaming System Using an Adaptive Control Scheme IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics Yi-Mao Hsiao, Chia-Hsiang Chen, Jeng-Farn Lee and Yuan-sun Chu 2012
A Low-Cost MMSE-SIC Detector for the MIMO System: Algorithm and Hardware Implementation IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II Tsung-Hsien, Liu, Jin-Yi Jiang, and Yuan-Sun Chu 2011
H.264 Video Transmissions over Wireless Networks: Challenges and Solutions, Computer Communications Yi-Mao Hsiao, Jeng-Farn Lee, Jai-Shiarng Chen and Yuan-Sun Chu 2011
A Spurious Power Suppression Technique for Multimedia/DSP Applications IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I Kuan Hung Chen and Yuan Sun Chu 2009
Year Conference Name Paper Title Authors
2016 GCCE A low-complexity edge-preserved image compression algorithm for LCD overdrive C. Y. Chang, C. H. Huang, H. F. Chen, C. Yeh, Y. S. Chu, and T. J. Lin
Year Project Title Participator Unit
2015 五軸工具機控制系統之即時智能化軟體模組開發 朱元三 科技部