Shi-Wu  Lo
Name Shi-Wu Lo
Office Tel No. 05-2720411#33116
Research Expertise Real-time systems, Operating systems, Embedded systems
Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year
An effective cache scheduling scheme for improving the performance in multi-threaded processors Journal of Systems Architecture Shi-Wu Lo, Kam-yiu Lam, Wen-Yan Huang, Sheng-Feng Qiu 2012
A signature-based Grid index design for main-memory RFID database applications Journal of Systems and Software Pei-Lun Suei, Yung-Feng Lu, Rong-Jhang Liao, Shi-Wu Lo 2012
Multi-layer bus minimization for SoC Journal of Systems and Software Ya-Shu Chen, Hsin-Liang Tsai, Shi-Wu Lo 2009
Year Conference Name Paper Title Authors
2010 SAC 2010 Swap-before-hibernate: a time efficient method to suspend an OS to a flash drive Shi-Wu Lo, Wei-shiuan Tsai, Jeng-gang Lin, Guan-shiung Cheng
Year Project Title Participator Unit
2016 記憶體讀寫行為偵測與動態分析 工研院
2012 Android的快速開機機制研究 羅習五 工研院
2011 PAC平台Android的快速開機機制研究 羅習五 工研院
2010 2D&3D on Android ready multicore 羅習五 工研院