Rong-Guey  Chang
Name Rong-Guey Chang
Office Tel No. 05-2720411#33121
Personal Website
Research Expertise Embedded Software、Compiler Design
Paper Title Journal Title Authors Year
A priority scheduling for TM pathologies The Journal of Supercomputing Chia-Jung Chen, Rong-Guey Chang 2015
Power-Aware Code Scheduling Assisted with Power Gating and DVS Future Generation Computer System Cheng-Yu Lee, Tzong-Yen Lin, Rong-Guey Chang 2014
Instruction scheduling and transformation for a VLIW unified reduced instruction set computer/digital signal processor processor with shared register architecture Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Cheng-Yu Lee, Min-Chin Hung, Rong-Guey Chang 2014
Multi-level simultaneous multithreading scheduling to reduce the temperature of register files Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience Chih-Yuan Chen, Jhong-Yi Ciou, and Rong-Guey Chang 2012
Automated synthesis of discrete-time sigma-delta modulators from system architecture to circuit netlist Microelectronics Journal Shuenn-Yuh Lee, Chih-Yuan Chen, Jia-Hua Hong, Rong-Guey Chang, Mark Po-Hung Lin 2011
DisIRer: Converting a retargetable compiler into a multiplatform binary translator ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization Yuan-Shin Hwang, Tzong-Yen Lin, Rong-Guey Chang 2010
Wide dynamic-range sigma-delta modulator with adaptive feed-forward coefficients IET Circuits, Devices & Systems R.-G. Chang, C.-Y. Chen, J.-H. Hong, S.-Y. Lee 2010
Profile-Based Dynamic Pipeline Scaling Journal of Supercomputing Kuan-Wei Cheng, Tzong-Yen Lin, and Rong-Guey Chang 2009
Year Project Title Participator Unit
2017 註解式資安編譯器 工研院
2016 Robot 語言之編譯器開發 上銀科技
2014 Robot software environment 張榮貴 上銀科技
2012 機台應用服務開發者工具研究計畫 張榮貴 資策會
2012 高速高精CNC控制器參數調整技術研究 張榮貴 工研院
2010 Network AP porting 張榮貴 奇景光電產學合作計畫
2010 CM5000 IPv6軟體委託開發 張榮貴 卓群科技產學合作計畫
Patent Number Patent Title Patent Country Authors
US8799626 B2 Prioritized assignment of sub-range registers of circularly addressable extended register file to loop variables in RISC processor USA Rong-Guey Chang, Yuan-Shin Hwang, Chia-Hsien SU