Award Name Name Awarding Unit Award Date
Dr. Jiun-In Guo had the honor to win the “Director Award of 2006 Phoenix Cup IC Design Contest” Jiun-In Guo Himax Technologies, Inc. (Himax) 2006/06
Dr. Jiun-In Guo had the honor to win “Excellent Young Electrical Engineer Award” of The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering. Jiun-In Guo The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering 2004/10
Dr. Jiun-In Guo published an article “Apply for DSP of Silicon Intellectual Properties Generator Design” in Engineering Science and Technology Communication No.74. Jiun-In Guo Engineering Science and Technology Promotion Center 2004/06
Dr. Jinn-Shyan Wang had the honor to win the “Outstanding Research Award” of CCU. Jinn-Shyan Wang National Chung Cheng University (CCU) 2004/01
Dr. Jiun-In Guo was a lecturer of “ Low-Power Multimedia Live Video/DSP Digital Silicon Intellectual Properties Design” in Macronix Youth Professor Program. Jiun-In Guo Macronix International Co., Ltd. 2003/12
Dr. Jiun-In Guo was an adviser of the contract consultant group in Tainan County Government. Jiun-In Guo Tainan County Government 2003/03
Dr. Jinn-Shyan Wang was an honor to be a chair of 14th VLSI/CAD conference. Jinn-Shyan Wang National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) 2003/03
第十三屆旺宏金矽獎應用組指導教授獎 Jiun-In Guo 旺宏電子基金會 2013/07