Conference Paper

Year Conference Name Paper Title Authors
2014 ICSICT Operation-condition and timing-error collaborative monitoring for fixed-latency AVS designs P. Y. Chou, C. L. Liou, J. S. Wang, and T. J. Lin
2014 Hot Chips Low-power fixed-latency DSP accelerator with autonomous minimum energy tracking (AMET) C. H. Huang, W. J. Chen, K. J. Chang, Y. H. Ting, K. C. Hsu, Y. F. Pan, C. C. Chen, Y. H. Chu, T. J. Lin, and J. S. Wang
2014 ICCE-TW Maintaining color fidelity for dual-shot HDR imaging C. Yeh, C. Y. Tsai, T. J. Lin, and J. I. Guo
2014 FTFC Adaptive variable-latency cache management for low-voltage caches Y. H. Yu, P. H. Wang, T. F. Chen, T. J. Lin, and J. S. Wang
2014 ICISA Accelerometer-based breathing signal acquisition with empirical mode decomposition B. Y. Yang, C. C. Chang, Y. H. Ting, J. W. Liao, H. L. Lin, T. J. Lin, C. Yeh, and J. S. Wang
2013 2013 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) A 3.4mW Photovoltaic Energy-Harvesting Charger with Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking and Battery Management Tsung-Heng Tsai, and K. Chen
2013 2013 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers Self-super-cutoff power gating with state retention on a 0.3V 0.29fJ/cycle/gate 32b RISC core in 0.13µm CMOS Jian-Shiun Chen; Chingwei Yeh; Jinn-Shyan Wang
2013 ISSCC A 0.48V 0.57nJ/pixel video recording SoC in 65nm CMOS Tay-Jyi Lin, Cheng-An Chien, Pei-Yao Chang, Ching-Wen Chen, Po-Hao Wang, Ting-Yu Shyu, Chien-Yung Chou, Shien-Chun Luo, Jiun-In Guo, Tien-Fu Chen, Gene C.H. Chuang, Yuan-Hua Chu, Liang-Chia Cheng, Hong-Men Su, Chewnpu Jou, Meikei Ieong, Cheng-Wen Wu, and Jinn-Shyan Wang
2013 Tay-Jyi Lin
2013 Tien-Fu Chen